Juliet Landau
Dual disc includes Juliet’s documentary about Gary Oldman and 12 promo interviews.

Gary Oldman directed a music video for the Jewish Hip Hop band Chutzpah. The video was shot on cell phones. What started out solely as a behind the scenes “making of,” turned into a film about Gary’s creative process. As well as chronicling the action from the outside, much of the film has a rare vantage point: Gary’s POV as he operates one of the “cell-cams.” We are inside his brain, if you will, seeing the genesis of his ideas and then his precision in carrying them out. Watching Gary work in this way truly celebrates the spirit of Independent, no-budget filmmaking, where innovation and talent reign. Ultimately achieving a seamless creative flow, his playful, childlike freedom of expression and exploration take flight.

The Film runs 25 minutes and includes Gary’s music video at the end.

Promo interviews include: Armin Shimerman, Michael Rosenbaum, Kat Von D, Sam Anderson, Dawn Didawick, Amy Acker, David J, Harry Groener, Andrea Romano, Kitty Swink, Adam Busch, Christian Kane.

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