Juliet Landau’s Miss Juliet Productions has inked a deal with Modern films for the worldwide distribution of her feature directorial debut, A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD!

See DEADLINE below:

Modern Films current roster includes Werner Herzog's new film (Directed RESCUE DAWN w/ Christian Bale, etc) and Viggo Mortensen's directorial debut (3-time Oscar nominee, starred in THE GREEN BOOK etc.)

A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD is about the repercussions of growing up under the sway of narcissism and evil. Juliet stars in the picture, which includes extended cameos: Gary Oldman, Ron Perlman, Robert Patrick, Lance Henriksen, Joss Whedon & best-selling author Anne Rice, appearing for the 1st time ever in a scripted movie!

In this revealing and terrifying meld of fact, fiction and the fantastical, actress / filmmaker “Jules,” driven by the demons of her past, embarks on a journey at the potential cost of everything she knows and loves.


Tickets available now at: modernfilms.com/aplaceamongthedead

☆ Oct 29th: Worldwide Virtual Premiere sponsored by M.A.C Cosmetics and NY Comic Con. Cast attending.

☆ Oct 30th: Starfury’s Halloween Among The Dead virtual preview screening event: Buffy-centric, has a lot on offer.

☆ Oct 31stTomorrow's Ghosts 'Virtually Halloween' Festival preview screening event: music & goth-centric, expansive Halloween themed program.

☆ Also starting Oct 30th, watch the film on Laemmle Theatres' Virtual Cinema in the US. Also in live theaters, where possible.

☆ Starting Nov 9th, the film will be hosted on the Modern Films website & in virtual theaters across the world.

Get more details: modernfilms.com/aplaceamongthedead

Quotes from folks like Rian Johnson (KNIVES OUT, STAR WARS), Jim Kouf (writer NATIONAL TREASURE, MONEY MONSTER) & film critic FX Feeney are below:

"One of the most personally haunting films I’ve ever seen. A Felliniesque docudrama.”

"A David Lynch home movie."

"Emotionally violent... BLACK SWAN with a message."

“Hollywood Insider takes an outsider’s stance.”

"The film that challenges you to truly live."

“A revolutionary, entertaining genre-bending art film.”

“Gets under your skin like ERASERHEAD or DONNIE DARKO. A legacy project, which will be running long after we’re all gone.”


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