Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

"Landau inhabits Roberta at once scabrous and delicate, to hilarious and touching effect. Landau and Williamson's attuned chemistry is a pleasure to witness. The production has a straightforward touch that heightens the humor and grabs us by the throat. This bracing revival delivers."
-Critic’s Pick, Los Angeles Times

"Juliet Landau (Roberta) walks away with the play. Parts gentle and romantic, Landau leaves a lasting impression with an emotional openness that is stirring and courageous in it's naked rawness. The actress proves that she is unafraid to tackle any role that comes her way, and talented enough to conquer it."

"Landau and Williams are simply sensational. She an individually striking beauty exudes such tremendous vulnerability. One never envisions the outcome that slowly unfolds, and under John McNaughton's stellar direction and with magnetic performances from it's two actors, Shanley's play could not be in more adept hands."
-5 out of 5 Stars, Broadway World

"Actress Juliet Landau brilliantly dances the thin line between codependent eggshell walker and fierce woman with absolutely nothing to lose. The performances are raw. The emotion is tangible. Lines that have been experienced many times before hit with mad force as though for the first time. Long after the curtain, impetuous calls like, " Let's love each other" reverberate. They roll in and out like waves that have the power to either submerge or convey. Those who enjoy comedy will revel in this production as well."

"Juliet Landau is spectacular as Roberta. I couldn't take my eyes off of the stage. I didn't even realize there was a stage because I was so caught up in the lives of these two struggling, painfully disturbed people. It is full of offensive language and intense anger. It is also full of redemption and release. It is also a play you must see!"

"Acclaimed actress Juliet Landau is absolutely riveting. For you Buffy/Angel fans who thought she was British because of her character Drusilla's dead-on accent, you will be pleased to find her Bronx, NY accent is every bit as convincing. This work just dazzles you in a balletic manipulation of emotion and the acting/direction is just pure, intense and adrenalized."

"This stunningly depicted down n' out duo give award worthy performances! Matthew J. Williamson as Danny and Juliet Landau as Roberta, a pair of excellent and attractive actors, flawlessly portray these tormented characters with gut wrenching passion and believability. Mesmerizingly brilliant! This is a dynamic production in every aspect of live theater. Raw, vulgar, sexy, thought provoking and funny... Theatre goers will voyeuristically fall under it's spell... captivated."
-Tolucan Times

"Roberta and Danny are brought to vivid, gutsy, mesmerizing life by Juliet Landau and Matthew J Williamson in this stunning revival of John Patrick Shanley's gem. The play is indeed powerful stuff, particularly as performed by the splendid Williamson and the extraordinary Landau. Landau gives a performance so breathtaking, it will be hard for any actress to top hers as performance of the year. Most directors would probably cast a tough broad as Roberta, and Landau does give us one ballsy chick in the play's early scenes. Still, it's when Danny starts to melt Roberta's heart that Landau melts our hearts as well, making this life-scarred loser downright adorable, meaning that she's both cute as a button and that she's worthy of Danny's adoration as well. Put a camera on Landau's face, mute the volume, and you could pretty much guess what's happening on stage without hearing a word of spoken dialogue... and how often can you say that about a stage performance? Expect to be stunned."
-Stage Scene LA

"Juliet Landau and Matthew J Williamson don't just sell it - They own it. Any self-respecting acting coach should encourage their students to take note in lieu of acting class. General audiences won't want to miss this moody, serrated-edged love story. Visually the pair is stunning. Here's a couple you actually want to see in bed. The elegant Landau, a former professional ballerina, oozes sex even when loudly munching on a pretzel. Exposing her flat, vulnerable underbelly (figuratively and literally) she pivots with her hips around Williamson's defensive posturing and balled up bloody fists. She is all seduction. It is an attraction of opposites and sizzling synchronicity as they reveal their personal wounds, scars and demons in a dingy dive bar. Love hurts but this production makes it hurt so good."
-Eye Spy LA

This is one of the most visceral evenings of theatre that I have had in a long time. You feel as if you are a part of the drama taking place in front of you, but then of course breathe a sigh of relief at the end that you weren’t. Juliet Landau is absolutely stunning to watch perform live on stage. Her delicate features give her a fragile beauty that instantly pulls you into the contrasting roughness of her character’s demeanor and the way she looks like a china doll. Landau's Roberta is so achingly tortured about events in her past, that there are moments which take the audience completely by surprise. She is moving in the quieter scenes and heartbreakingly manic in others. Her ability to transform rapidly between different complex emotional states is visceral and if you think you’ve seen her best work… You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
-Assignment X

"Juliet Landau is exceptional- GO!"
-Performing Arts Live

"The play really belongs to Roberta, the lovely Juliet Landau. There wasn't a false moment in her performance and it ranks as one of the best if not the best performance by a woman I have seen this year."
-Stage Happenings, The New York Times


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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

“The wildly gifted Juliet Landau plays Drusilla
like an acid-addled cross between Ophelia and Cassandra.”
-The New York Times

Going Shopping

A film by Henry Jaglom

“Juliet Landau’s turn as a shopper stricken by
a fiancé-related panic attack is poignant and delightful.”
-The Hollywood Reporter

“The poignant and funny emotional anxiety attack suffered by
Juliet Landau (Ed Wood) is a tour de force.”
-Malibu Magazine

Irish Coffee

West Coast Premiere
Burbage Theater

“Juliet Landau brings the play to life by embodying
“DD” with a streetwise lewdness and energy that lingers
in the memory long after the final curtain.”

“Juliet Landau is delightfully kinky as Nick’s gum-
chewing punk rocker pickup, whose bimbo-like detachment
is more dangerous than Nick’s and Kate’s studied evil.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Juliet Landau is utterly convincing as the witless DD"
-LA Weekly

“Juliet Landau is a riot as outlandishly dressed, brainless
sex toy who causes trouble for all- especially herself.
Her energetic contortions rev up the play.”
-The Outlook

“Juliet Landau steals the play as the hyper-sexual and
very simple-minded criminal.”
-Village View

“Enter DD, a drifter with a taste for pop music and a body that moves with every beat. Expertly played by Juliet Landau, she storms the stage with her naïve energy and unrestricted
sexuality. Her character is perfectly honed right down to the most personal mannerisms. She’s wonderful and loveable.”
-Burbank Times

The Songs of War

by Murray Shisgal
World Premiere
Gem Theater

“Juliet Landau as Lilly may be the single
most magical element of the play. She’s fragile
and giving, a china doll in a house of cattle.”
-Daily Variety

“Juliet Landau is winsome as Calvin’s frail but plucky sister”
-Los Angeles Times

“Juliet Landau is Lilly. Her alabaster appearance and
gentle soul endear her to the audience from her first
appearance to her final touching scene.”

“Juliet Landau sings like a sweet angel”
-Orange County Register

Failure of Nerve

West Coast Premiere
Los Angeles Theatre Center

“Juliet Landau turns in a performance that is both
sidewalk-real and hauntingly ethereal, making the point that there is a fine line indeed between free spirits and ghosts. Her final moments, as her consciousness recedes like
a terrible tide is a gripping scene and Landau transcends the material to become a figure who may have wandered in from an lbsen drawing room. Kate steals the spotlight.”
-LA Weekly

“The hugely redeeming element to this production is Landau’s performance as Kate. An animated young woman with a fierce smile and eyes that sometimes appear to drift inwardly, like someone lost in her own mirror image, she’s fascinating. Kate demands the audience‘s attention. Juliet Landau is riveting.”
-New Times and KCRW

“ A convincing emotional predator, a sociopathic waif, Landau’s Kate unerringly homes in.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Juliet Landau is a transcendently delightful, lovely actress who manages her own mission impossible in making her creepy character adorable. Landau would be a beautiful Romeo’s Juliet.”
-Backstage West

Billy Irish

by Thomas Babe
West Coast Premiere
Third St. Theater

“Juliet Landau is touching as the lost flower child grasping at any affection to salve her half-imagined torments.”
-Los Angeles Times

How To Steal an Election
Actors Gang Theater
“Juliet Landau is delightful as a prudish Susan B. Anthony discovering that sex and spectacle sell.”
-Backstage West

How To Steal an Election

Actors Gang Theater
“Juliet Landau is delightful as a prudish Susan B. Anthony discovering that sex and spectacle sell.”
-Backstage West

Clifford Odets' Awake and Sing!

The Pittsburgh Public Theater

“Rebellious with bite is Juliet Landau’s Hennie sparring
ferociously with Moe. Landau’s dry, hard boiled acting is
so crackling good she steals the play.”
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Juliet Landau’s Hennie is a feisty, fiery firecracker
rich in animal intelligence.”

“Juliet Landau gives a remarkably adept portrayal
of alternating sassiness and vulnerability, of cold shoulders
and banked fire within.”
-WQED-FM and Bayer Arts Magazine